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SARGENT RECORDERS is a recording studio in Historic Fillipinotown, CA. Also available for filming and photoshoots.

TV broadcast console, late 70s era
24x24x13x2 with BAE 1073's and 1084 mic Amps. Custom 24 channel inline monitoring section.

Tape slap machine
Echoplex EP 3 x2
Fulltone tape echo
EMT 140 tube plate
Akg Bx10 spring reverb
Reverb chamber



Art 25's w sub
Model 42 monitors



Neumann U 48
Neumann cmv563 w m7 capsule
Neumann um 57
Cad e100 x3
Akg uls 414 x2
Coles 4038
Nady ribbons x4
Ev re 20 x 2
Ev re 15 x2
Sure sm57 x6
Sure sm7
Sure sm 52
Akg d19

3m m 79 2"16 track
3m m 79 1/2" 2 track
Scully 284 1"8 track
Scully 280 1/4" 2 track
Avid HD IO 16x16
Digi design 192 16x8
Tascam 388 8-track

Outboard Mic amps/EQ

Auditronics 8 channel mic/EQ 
Electrodyne 2 channel  mic/EQ 
Ampex tube mixer
Scully 284 8 channel's of mic pre's.
Api 560 x2
Api 550a x2


Inward connections opt 1's x2
Teletronix LA2A
Urei 1176 rev D
Urei LA3A x2
Lesson grove r124
Dbx 160 x2
Dbx 165a
Dbx 904x 2
Dbx 903
Dbx 902 x2
Aphex dominator
Dbx 166xl x2
Mxr duel limiter x2
Guitars / Basses

1964 fender Stratocaster
1960 fender duo sonic
1959 Danelectro Stan and dan doubleneck
1970 les Paul black Beauty
60's Harmony h19
60's Harmony rocket
50's Harmony h44
1957 gibson es125
1990 gibson es 175
60s Silvertone
1969 Martin D28
40's parlor Martin
Guild jumbo 12 string
Yamaha FG 140
1972 fender p bass
1971 fender p bass
70s fender music master bass
1973 fender mustang competition 
Harmony H22
Harmony H25
Teisco bass VI
1959 Kay C1
German flatback unmarked

Hohner duo
Stodart upright grand piano
Deagan one nighter vibes
Hammond bv with leslie and percussion
Farfisa compact organ
Arp solina
Roland jx3p w pg200
Juno 106
Wurly 200a
Moog rouge
Moog prodigy
Moog little phatty
Korg ms20


Camco 1966 oaklawn badge 20"12"14"
Camco 1970's LA badge concert toms 12"13"14"15"
Ludwig 1960 duco 22"13"14"16" with matching snare
Pearl 1970's raw fiberglass 20"12"13"15"16" 
Pearl 1960's 24"13"16" with matching snare
Ludwig pioneer 26" concert bass drum


1959 Ludwig superfonic
1960's Roger holiday
1970's Pearl Jupiter
1950's pearl metal
Echo Chamber
Master Bedroom
Living Room
Guest Bedroom
Back Room


Historic Filipinotown
Los Angeles, CA 90026

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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